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our website is the site that will provide you with live updates on all international major cricket matches. Using Windows Media Player, we are able to provide you with the latest cricket scores as well as unofficial live commentary. Our Live Cricket Score Card will present you with live, 3D online cricket scores using flash player. You will also have the ability to see statistics from past matches while keeping the live score card open

We are trying to provide our exclusive visitors with facilities like Cricket Audio. Another project that we are working on is to provide a desktop scoreboard and cricket toolbars which will result in the best quality audio transmission. This however is still in the process of being researched, as there are a number of legalities that need to be negotiated before we can realise this ideal. There will also be a cricket forum where our members will be able to discuss matches and results.
Members are assured of our best efforts when it comes to games such as test and one day international, etc. We encourage our members to help us improve our scoreboards by letting us know what you want.

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Due to your busy life style it may be difficult to keep track of all the live action; we therefore offer you the Live Cricket Scores option to help you stay updated with the latest happenings. The Live Cricket Scores not only provides the scores for one day international games, but also for any test matches being played. Further coverage is also provided for the 20:20 series.
Previously we used different kinds of cricket scoreboards to keep our members informed. However, the format has changed dramatically and the current display now enables you to see animated replays of the shots as well as allowing you to track statistics such as the Run Rate and the Wagon Wheel. These scores are update in real time as they happen.
In the future we will also provide our members with free SMS alerts which will allow you free access to live scores. Although the score will be very specific due to the allowable length of the SMS, it will allow you to keep track of the cricket match score no matter where you are or what you're doing.